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Pioneering instrumentation
for the bio-sciences sector

OxyLite™ and OxyFlo™

Single-channel combined oxygen, temperature and laser-Doppler tissue blood perfusion monitoring (stacked single-channel OxyLite™ and OxyFlo™ monitors)

OxyLite™ Pro and OxyFlo™ Pro 

Combined TWO or FOUR channel oxygen, temperature and laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitoring, with integrated touch-screen displays (stacked multi-channel OxyLite™ Pro and OxyFlo™ Pro monitors)

“We collaborate with Oxford Optronix for several years now. Oxford Optronix provided us with an excellent technical support during our efforts in the field of multi-parametric neuro-monitoring. We are impressed not only by their products but also by their commitment to develop cutting edge products for experimental and clinical neuroscience.”

Dr Beat Alessandri, University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Germany

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One of the most powerful and unique features offered by our tissue vitality monitors is the ability to measure tissue oxygen, laser-Doppler blood flow and temperature simultaneously from the same tissue micro-region. This is achieved by combining counterpart monitors into a ‘stack’ arrangement and use of our unique, combined, multi-parameter sensors.

The use in this way of a 4-channel OxyLite™ Pro XL and a 4-channel OxyFlo™ Pro XL device enables the collection of multi-parameter physiological data from up to four independent tissue sites at one time, providing unsurpassed data collection and productivity potential.

Please refer to the individual product pages for in-depth key features and benefits. 

Note: OxyLite™ (Pro) and OxyFlo™ (Pro) monitors are intended for laboratory, industrial and research use and are NOT medical devices. OxyLite™ (Pro) and OxyFlo™ (Pro) do NOT possess regulatory approval(s) for use in human subjects/patients. 

Made in Britain