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Pioneering instrumentation
for the bio-sciences sector

Our Products


Our unique bench-top incubator and workstation for hypoxic cell culture


The internationally recognized colony and spheroid counter for cancer biologists

OxyLite™ Pro

Multi-channel dissolved oxygen and pO2 monitoring for the life scientist

OxyFlo™ Pro

Multi-channel, third-generation laser Doppler tissue blood perfusion monitor

Company News

26 May 2021

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Chao Fang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, China

29 April 2021

A sensor for detecting faecal incontinence

13 April 2021

We're growing. New faces at Oxford Optronix.

15 March 2021

Our ColCount cameos in a Hollywood movie!


In Vivo and In Vitro absolute dissolved oxygen / pO2 monitoring

Combined tissue pO2, blood flow and temperature recording in models of stroke, cancer, sepsis and more

Maintaining hypoxia during cell culture in cancer biology, stem cell and immunology research

Machine counting of Colony Formation Assays in adherent and 3D spheroid assays