CYTOSMART CytoSMART™ Lux2 digital microscope for live cell imaging, incl. Connect Lifespan license and type 2.0 A to mini-B USB cable

The CytoSMART Lux 2 is a compact inverted microscope for bright-field live cell imaging in situ, inside the HypoxyLab. The system operates at low voltage and is thus safe to use within the HypoxyLab (as well as regular CO2 incubators). Power comes from a USB port conveniently positioned within the HypoxyLab. Supports single images (jpg files), time-lapse videos (avi files) and confluency data (csv files), with optional cloud storage for access from any PC or mobile device.

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The CytoSMART Lux2 supports,

  • Imaging of cell division
  • Monitoring of cell growth and confluence
  • Analysis of cell migration and wound healing or scratch assays
  • Studying the behaviour of stem cells
  • Studying chemotaxis

Technical specifications:


LED bright-field with digital phase contrast

Field of view

2.4 x 1.5 mm


10x fixed objective

Image resolution

1280 x 720 pixels

Image format


Video rates

Up to 8 fps


5 MP CMOS sensor

PC requirements

Windows 7, 10


133 mm x 90 mm x 100 mm (L x W x H)


0.5 Kg (1.1 lb)


1 year parts & labour

Operating environment

0-42°C, 5-95% RH non-condensing