PowerLab 4, 8 or 16 Channel data recorders (PC/Mac), incl. LabChart® software, 5 years free updates

Analogue data acquisition modules by ADInstruments.

Our monitors also feature +/- 5V analogue outputs that can be used to record measurements continuously to PC or Mac platforms via virtually any third party data recording and analysis (DAQ) system.

A popular choice is PowerLab® by ADInstruments, and associated LabChart® software.

Third party data acquisition solutions such as PowerLab offer the flexibility to additionally record output from other, non-Oxford Optronix branded devices (e.g. blood pressure, ECG, etc).

PowerLab data acquisition systems (comprising hardware and software) offer versatile data acquisition and analysis solutions for life science research and education applications. The systems are used with Windows or Macintosh computers to record and analyze physiological signals from human and animal subjects. In one compact unit, PowerLab systems perform the functions of chart recorders, XYT plotters, digital voltmeters and storage oscilloscopes.

PowerLab systems can be supplied by ourselves to complement our monitors at the time of purchase, or can be sourced directly from your local ADInstruments supplier/distributor.