A brief history of 2021 at Oxford Optronix

It’s hard to match the upheaval that was 2020, but 2021 has been no less action-packed here at Oxford Optronix

As we reacted to increasing global demand for our products, 2021 was the year that also saw us expand our operational footprint. We recently opened a new, dedicated office in Canada to directly serve and support our North American customers (Oxford Optronix North America Corporation), as well as expand at our HQ near Oxford, UK

We also launched our ‘Gen2’ HypoxyLab, which features a dramatically increased working-volume, without compromising its compact external footprint that is already so popular with users. More recently, we rolled out a brand new 5-year warranty plan for the HypoxyLab; an adjustment that better reflects our confidence in its reliability and longevity. The warranty is tied to annual, on-site preventative maintenance, which is a servicing model that users of incubators, flow cabinets etc. have come to expect.

In other news, and for the second year running, our GelCount colony counter recorded over 100 published citations during the course of the year, demonstrating its unwavering popularity and effectiveness. The GelCount has been supporting cancer biologists since 2006 and continues to see remarkable utilization rates, a testament to its reliability, build quality, and to our product maintenance programme.

Looking ahead to 2022, we’re expecting strong growth to continue and for our busy R&D product pipeline to yield some exciting goodies that we’re itching to share. Please do keep an eye on our news feed and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay informed.

Season’s Greetings from all of us at Oxford Optronix; UK-based, Germany-based, and Canada-based. We wish you a happy and peaceful New Year and look forward to serving you again in 2022.

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