Announcing latest version of HypoxyLab

HypoxyLab, but better!

We are pleased to announce a tranche of new features and upgrades to our best-selling HypoxyLab hypoxia workstation.

These include,

  • Reduced nitrogen consumption at steady-state, cementing HypoxyLab’s industry leading gas consumption and cost of ownership advantage
  • Ultra-smooth transitions to setpoint for all four control parameters (oxygen, CO2, temperature, and relative humidity), with no overshoot
  • Enhanced graphical user interface that markedly improves the user experience
  • Additional software functions, features and controls
  • Rapid system start-up and launch times
  • New cable through-ports in support of powered devices deployed within the HypoxyLab, such as digital microscopes, shakers, or micro-centrifuges.

HypoxyLab ‘generation 3’ is available to order immediately.

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Merry Christmas from Oxford Optronix

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Merry Christmas from Oxford Optronix

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Highlighting some novel 2023 publications

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