Merry Christmas from Oxford Optronix

Where did 2022 go?

It’s been a busy 12 months at Oxford Optronix, as evidenced by how quickly the festive season has come around once more!

While we didn’t quite score a perfect 10 out of 10 in terms of goals met for the year, an unmistakable bright spot has been our HypoxyLab product, which has chalked up a record year of sales in 2022. User feedback on our ‘generation 2’ refresh (introduced exactly 2 years ago) has been terrific, and, to our delight, the word seems to be spreading.

2023 meanwhile is shaping up to be a particularly eventful year at Oxford Optronix, so we do encourage you to watch this space, by bookmarking our news feed or following us on Twitter.

To all our faithful customers, users, and partners around the world, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful 2023.

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

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