Spring 2022 update

As winter loosens its grip and bird song goes into overdrive (at least here in the northern hemisphere) it’s time for some company news.

After much hard work and extensive testing, we’re happy to announce an important firmware update for HypoxyLab. Not only does it deliver some sought-after functionality such as a fan speed control and oxygen sensor calibration, but this new release brings tangible enhancements in terms of stability and reproducibility; testament to our ethos of continuous product improvement. This update will be rolled-out to our global HypoxyLab user-base over the coming weeks.

Talking of software updates, GelCount will be next in-line, with a significant software release being made available over the coming weeks. This will provide additional functionality and features, improve parallel-processing performance, and resolve a few bugs that together, will greatly enhance the user experience. As always, the update is completely free of charge; existing users will see a pop-up prompt once the new release goes live.

And finally..
Here are some examples of recent, outstanding research that our products are supporting around the world.

FLASH irradiation induces lower levels of DNA damage ex vivo, an effect modulated by oxygen tension, dose, and dose rate
Authors: Cooper et al. (2022)
Journal: The British Journal of Radiology
Subject: DNA damage / FLASH irradiation
Location: United Kingdom
Product(s) cited: HypoxyLab

Depletion of CCN1/CYR61 reduces triple-negative/basal-like breast cancer aggressiveness
Authors: Espinoza et al. (2022)
Journal: American Journal of Cancer Research
Subject: Breast cancer aggressiveness
Location: United States
Product(s) cited: GelCount

Is Sphingosine-1-Phosphate a Regulator of Tumor Vascular Functionality?

Authors: Karam et al. (2022)
Journal: Cancers
Subject: Tumour hypoxia / tumour microenvironment
Location: France
Product(s) cited: OxyLite

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