Oxford Optronix builds 2000 Flo-Ox™ monitors in 8 days!

We built 2000 Flo-Ox™ devices in just 8 days, thereby securing the timely distribution of Flo-Ox™ oxygen monitors to hospitals and COVID-19 patients around the UK.

The Flo-Ox™ oxygen monitor was mandated by the MHRA to accompany the bedside roll-out of the recently announced UCL-Ventura CPAP breathing aid, conceived in response to an emergency COVID-19 call in the U.K.

Following an extraordinary effort by our design and engineering teams to go from clean sheet to viable design in just 2 weeks and an equally herculean effort by our numerous key suppliers (many of whom mobilizing furloughed employees) we were able to begin volume production of Flo-Ox™ on April 8th.

Having fundamentally re-tooled our production facilities, drafted in an additional temporary workforce of 33 individuals from the local community, implemented an 18-hour working day right through the Easter holiday and spurred on by a sense of pride to be supporting the UK’s health service at its time of need, we met our target production peak of 350 monitors per day with a total of just over 2000 monitors manufactured and delivered in all.

All while doing our very utmost to respect COVID-19 social distancing, hygiene and PPE recommendations to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

Special mention and heartfelt gratitude to everyone working our aggressive shifts, to the numerous individuals who simply volunteered their time, to the long list of suppliers who pulled out all the stops to feed the ‘manufacturing machine’ and to our landlord MEPC who responded to our plea by providing overflow manufacturing floorspace at no cost, without which we could not have accommodated the numbers required while maintaining social distancing.

It has been a proud time for all of us at Oxford Optronix and we look forward to returning to a post-COVID ‘normality’ as soon and as safely as possible.

Meanwhile, a brief photographic record of 8 days of production unlike anything ever witnessed at Oxford Optronix:

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