Oxford Optronix receives MHRA waiver, begins volume manufacture of Flo-Ox monitor for CPAP

Oxford Optronix received an emergency waiver from the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) earlier this week that allows us to proceed with the manufacture of our Flo-Ox™ Oxygen Monitor.

The Flo-Ox™ is mandated to support the use of the UCL-Ventura cPAP device breathing aid recently announced, by ensuring the device is correctly set up for the particular requirements of the patient being treated, and to provide ongoing monitoring of the oxygen being delivered to the patient.

Everyone at Oxford Optronix has been involved in an extraordinary effort since the design and development was completed from the ground-up just 16 days ago. Our premises have now been reconfigured for volume production and we are working with suppliers in the UK and around the world to ensure a robust supply chain that will support the planned production ramp.

Having started taking delivery of large quantities of stock in recent days we’ve now reached the exciting point of production start.

We aim to achieve a peak manufacturing rate of 300 – 400 Flo-Ox units per day as soon as humanly possible, with production slated to involve 3 shifts for round-the-clock production.

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