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Industry and OEM Partnerships

We proudly bring to the table more than 20 years of experience in developing innovative instrumentation for the life-sciences, delivering the very same design excellence, quality and performance to our OEM clients that our global customers have come to expect from our own products.

Our OEM clients traverse the innovation spectrum from the smallest SMEs to the largest, multi-national medical device companies. We provide a variety of module-based solutions for easy integration into a multitude of third-party applications. Our long serving experience with customers in a diverse range of markets translates into delivering high performance products optimized for your demanding application.

Our OEM team brings together experience, expertise and excellence in electro-optical, electronic, mechanical, embedded and software engineering, with which we aim to inspire your products.

As an EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485 certified company supplying the highest possible quality products is our number one priority. Whether it’s a simple module or complete medical device, years of experience of working within a quality management system means we can support you every step of the way in the approval process, whether it’s UL, CE or FDA.

Our team of engineers is ready to help you today in developing tomorrow’s next success story.

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