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Next-generation OxyLite™ and OxyFlo™ monitors

February 2013


For over 20 years Oxford Optronix has been developing unique modular instruments utilizing fibre-optic micro-sensors to provide real-time measurements of local tissue oxygenation (ptiO2), tissue blood perfusion (blood flow) and tissue temperature.

Our OxyLite™, OxyFlo™ and OxyLab™ brands cemented a reputation the world over in countless branches of biomedical hypoxia and ischaemia research.

In 2013 we proudly announce the culmination of our continuous R&D efforts with our third-generation tissue oxygen and blood perfusion monitoring platform.

Featuring a blend of contemporary design, unbeatable ease-of-use and the very latest in opto-electronic technology, our OxyLite™ Pro and OxyFlo™ Pro systems bring you what is simply the most advanced, accurate and reliable tissue vitality monitoring platform on the market today. 


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