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Single-channel OxyFlo™ now shipping

1st February 2014


This month marks the final stage in our roll out of our third generation laser Doppler blood flow monitors, as we prepare to ship out the first single channel OxyFlo™.

Now available to order, the OxyFlo enables the direct measurement of microvascular blood perfusion, providing critical information in a range of research applications where blood supply has been disrupted.

Applications for the OxyFlo include peripheral vascular disorders, cerebral perfusion monitoring in models of stroke and brain injury, angiogenesis research, gastroenterology, wound healing and tumour perfusion monitoring.

Uniquely, the OxyFlo provides compatibility with its OxyLite™ counterpart, supporting combined measurements of blood flow and tissue pO2 from a single sensor.

As our blood flow monitors continue to be used in labs around the world we endeavour to remain pioneers in the field of laser Doppler flowmetry. Setting unrivalled standards of reliability, robustness and sensitivity, this latest generation of the OxyFlo brand confirms our commitment to the laser Doppler flowmetry field.

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