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Oxford Optronix reaches new customers

1st November 2014

By John Coyle, Business Development Principal at Oxford Optronix.

Demand from scientists in new markets for Oxford Optronix instruments has resulted in an effort to find partners to inform and support these researchers. In the last year we have been joined by excellent companies in Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. Each company brings to our customers expertise in the application of OxyLite, OxyFlo, GelCount and the new HypoxyLab to their research.

With our established distributors in Asia, our network of support now extends from the Baltic States through Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Turkey, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2015 we will identify and engage additional partners and will provide support to customers where scientific research is developing and our equipment can play a role.

Above: A recent training workshop for scientists in Poland, attended by Michael Rau, Sales Director, and organized by our partners at AnimaLab of Poland.


Full details of all our distribution partners can be found HERE

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