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Guest post by John Coyle, Business Development Principle

1st February 2016

Growth in China

A perception of China’s economy slowing down has featured regularly in business news. The market for biomedical research equipment, according to China Gate Company, Oxford Optronix’s agent in China, is unaffected and continues to grow. Chinese scientists, many of whom have returned from overseas to take well-funded positions in research institutions across the country, are only interested in the latest equipment for their research. And they have the resources to buy it.

Oxford Optronix has supported this perception of China’s market potential with annual visits, touring widely to meet with key opinion leaders. In December of 2015 Dr Andy Obeid, CEO and Dr Michael Rau, Director of Sales and Marketing, travelled to Shanghai, Harbin in the North East of China,Tianjin and Shenyang.

In Shanghai the No. 1 Cancer Hospital, affiliated with Fudan University, is using the OxyLite Pro and OxyFlo Pro tissue vitality instruments, and the latest generation GelCount. They have taken delivery of an HypoxyLab which they will trial for two months while applying for funding. The stated intention is to buy several this year. 

Left to right: Dr Michael Rau, Mr Charles Fan, Dr Deng Yun of Shanghai No. 1 Cancer Hospital, and Dr Andy Obeid

Mr Charles Fan, Product Manager for Oxford Optronix at China Gate Company, forecasts strong interest from scientists across China as provincial funding supplements federal funding and drives local biomedical research. If forecasted sales meet expectations the Chinese market will continued to be supported in the new year with a visit to new areas of China and investment in targeted exhibitions.


And finally..

Russia, at just over 17,075,200 square km, is larger by surface area than the entire surface of the dwarf planet Pluto (16,647,940 square km).

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