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Latest GelCount software update

April 2016

Our GelCount product has truly become the colony counter system of choice for hundreds of cancer biologists around the world, raising throughput while removing inconsistency from the ubiquitous colony formation assay.

We’ve been busy listening to user feedback and implementing improvements to its operating software, which has culminated this month in the launch of our latest release, version  

The ‘Optimizer’ tool now features a choice of Basic or Advanced modes

This release incorporates a host of ‘behind-the-scenes’ refinements, resolves some inconsistencies, provides full support for Windows 10, and introduces an all-new ‘Basic Optimizer’ experience designed to offer new and existing users the option of a simplified user-experience and shallower overall learning curve. 

We’ll keep listening and learning to deliver the best possible GelCount experience!

For more about the GelCount, check our product page.

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