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Ed Vaizey MP visits Oxford Optronix

October 2017

On Friday last week, Oxford Optronix was proud to welcome Ed Vaizey, Member of Parliament and Former Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries.  

As a small business with a portfolio of specialist medical research products - approximately 80-90% of which are exported - Ed Vaizey was keen to take a look at our latest addition, the HypoxyLab™ hypoxia workstation. 


Ed Vaizey MP visits Oxford Optronix

Ed Vaizey MP (left) admiring the HypoxyLab

The HypoxyLab enables research scientists to maintain cells in culture within an environment that faithfully reproduces the "in vivo" (living) cell environment. A physiologically relevant oxygen atmosphere, in particular, is essential for maximising the accurate analysis of cell metabolism and function. 

HypoxyLab has been generating interest from across a spectrum of research fields, including cancer research, virology and stem cell research.

Click here to find out more about HypoxyLab. 


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