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Here comes 2020

6th January 2020

As we stand before a new decade Oxford Optronix proudly celebrates a record-breaking 2019 and looks forward to delivering on an exciting pipeline of new products and product enhancements. 

Our success in 2019 is owed to the unwavering hard work of our loyal and dedicated workforce. We may be modest in number, yet each and everyone at Oxford Optronix represents an equally essential cog in the busy machine that we are.  

Mention should also go to the enthusiastic staff that make up our network of distributor partners around the globe. Our focus in recent years to improve our international reach has borne fruit in the form of a record number of territories in which our products and company principles are represented by highly trained and motivated partner companies. 

HypoxyLab also was a huge bright spot, with demand outstripping supply, validating our thesis of several years ago that there is demand in the cell biology research community for a compact, price-competitive and simple hypoxia workstation to support cell culture under physiological oxygen conditions. 

Oxford Optronix is a forward-looking, dynamic company. Our goal has always been and continues to be to understand the instrumentation needs of the research scientist and to develop unique technological solutions to meet them. 

We step into 2020 with excitement and look forward to surprising our existing and future customers with what’s in store over the months and years to come. 


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