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OxyLite™ Pro 2 or 4-channel dissolved oxygen (pO2) and temperature monitors with touch-screen

  • Dissolved oxygen / tissue pO2 and temperature monitor
  • In vivo & in vitro applications
  • Fully ‘plug and play’; no instrument set up or sensor calibration required
  • 2 and 4-channel models available, supporting up to 4 sensors simultaneously
  • Touch-screen display for enhanced productivity & features
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The OxyLite™ Pro range takes our third-generation optical/fluorescence oxygen technology and packages it into a more flexible form factor featuring a convenient touch-screen display, available in either 2-channel or 4-channel variants. The range topping 4-channel OxyLite Pro XL can simultaneously drive up to 4 oxygen or combined oxygen/temperature sensors for the simultaneous monitoring of oxygen from multiple tissue sites (e.g. comparison of pathological versus control tissue sites), or multiple in vitro samples.

OxyLite™ Pro Specifications

Dimensions 150mm (H) x 310mm (W) x 280mm (D)
Weight 4kg / 9lbs
Operating temperature 10 – 30°C
Operating humidity 0 – 70% (non-condensing)
Power requirements External PSU (100-240V / 47-63 Hz), 40W max
Number of sensors supported 2 (OxyLite Pro) or 4 (OxyLite Pro XL)
Display High contrast 800 x 480 LCD touch-screen
Instrument configuration  Via touch-screen display
Analogue voltage outputs OxyLite Pro: 1 x 15-pin D-type (4 outputs) ; OxyLite Pro XL: 2 x 15-pin D-type (8 outputs)
LED excitation wavelength 525nm
Luminescence wavelength 650nm
Digital output USB type B interface for data recording to LabChart Pro software (PC only)
Analogue output 15-pin D-connector interface for data recording via BNC adapter cable (0-5V)
Mode of operation Luminescence decay lifetime (pO2) / T-type thermocouple or manual user input (temperature)
Measurement units (displayed) mmHg or kPa / ºC
Measurement range 0 – 200mmHg; 0 – 26.6kPa / 0 – 50ºC
Measurement resolution 0.1mmHg / 0.1ºC
Measurement accuracy Oxygen: ±0.7mmHg (0 – 7mmHg);   ±10% of reading (7 – 150mmHg);   ±15% of reading (150 – 200mmHg); Temp: ±0.2ºC
Measurement response time < 20s (bare-fibre oxygen sensor) / < 2s (temperature)
Measurement sampling rate 1Hz default (user definable via touch-screen)
Measurement acquisition time  1s
Measurement averaging 5s, rolling
Display update interval (numerical) 2s (5s rolling averaged)
Validated temp compensation range  10ºC – 45ºC
Sensor identification Automatic; integrated connector EEPROM
Sensor calibration Factory pre-calibration (unique per sensor); valid 12 months
Sensor shelf-life 2 years from factory calibration (used or unused) 
Sensor longevity 48 hours accumulated usage at default sampling rate
Analogue data output range 0 – 5V (0 – 200mmHg / 0 – 50ºC) (default)
Analogue data output rate 1Hz

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