OxyLite™ Pro Multi-channel oxygen monitor

The OxyLite™ Pro takes our third-generation optical/fluorescence oxygen technology and packages it into a flexible form factor featuring a touch-screen display and either 2 or 4 channels. The range topping OxyLite Pro XL can simultaneously drive up to 4 oxygen or combined oxygen/temperature sensors for the simultaneous monitoring of oxygen from multiple tissue sites (e.g. comparison of pathological versus control tissue sites), or multiple in vitro samples.

  • The gold standard in tissue pO2 and in vitro dissolved oxygen monitors
  • Intended for hypoxia and ischaemia research
  • Outstanding accuracy, stability, and performance
  • Absolute units of partial pressure in mmHg or kPa
  • Unrivalled ease of use, no sensor calibration required
  • Measurement from up to 4 sensors simultaneously
  • Intuitive touch-screen user interface
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