Eval­u­at­ing organoid mod­els for drug dis­cov­ery and tox­i­col­o­gy (Webi­nar)

Pre­sent­ed by Justin Croft, 21 April 2023

How automated counting platforms grant researchers utilizing these novel models access to rapid and unbiased results

Evaluating Organoid Models for Drug Discovery

This webinar examines organoid growth assays in relation to drug discovery and toxicology. The presenter delves into how imaging automation can provide benefits such as the removal of operator bias, increased assay throughput, and how the data generated by such automation extend far beyond a simple numerical count of organoids (at 15:28). The webinar includes a full demonstration of Oxford Optronixs’ automated solution, the GelCount (at 22:03).

About the speaker

Justin Croft, MSc
Vice President Oxford Optronix North America

Justin studied behaviour and neurobiology at The University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. His experience includes extensive background in genetics, microbiology, behaviour, and neurology. Currently, Justin is the Vice President of Oxford Optronix North America, where he assists researchers across the continent with sales, systems and applications support.