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Pioneering instrumentation
for the bio-sciences sector



The world's most user-friendly dissolved oxygen monitor for in vivo or in vitro pO2 measurements


Third-generation laser Doppler tissue blood flow monitor


The gold-standard colony and spheroid counter for cancer biologists


Bench-top incubator and workstation for hypoxic cell culture


Tissue hypoxia in models of cancer, stroke, sepsis, wound healing and more

Dissolved oxygen in hypoxic cell culture, tissue engineering, stem cell research and more

Monitoring of tissue ischemia during stroke, sepsis, in vital organs and more

Simultaneous tissue oxygen, blood flow and temperature recording in models of stroke, cancer, sepsis and more

Automated counting and processing of 2D and 3D colony and spheroid formation assays

Hypoxic cell culture in cancer, stem cell and immunology research


Academic Partnerships

Our academic links with Universities and Research Institutes

Industry Partnerships

Our OEM team brings together experience and expertise across a range of disciplines

Company News

June 2017

Welcome to our new website!

May 2017

Announcing a thermal ‘jacket’ for our HypoxyLab workstation and a tie-up with SelectScience..

December 2016

New website teaser and Happy Holidays!

November 2016

A little time Down Under… A brief report on our attendance of the Sydney Cancer Conference

Shows & Conferences

15-16 June 2017

BACR Tumour Microenvironment, in Nottingham, UK

17-19 June 2017

15th International Wolfsberg Meeting on Molecular Radiation Biology, Wolfsberg, Switzerland

26-28 June 2017

ARR Association of Radiation Research, Oxford, UK

19-23 August 2017

International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT), Halle, Germany