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Pioneering instrumentation
for the bio-sciences sector

OxyLite™ and OxyFlo™

Single-channel combined oxygen, temperature and laser-Doppler tissue blood perfusion monitoring (stacked single-channel OxyLite™ and OxyFlo™ monitors)



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OxyLite™ Pro and OxyFlo™ Pro 

Combined TWO or FOUR channel oxygen, temperature and laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitoring, with integrated touch-screen displays (stacked multi-channel OxyLite™ Pro and OxyFlo™ Pro monitors)



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One of the most powerful and unique features offered by our tissue vitality monitors is the ability to measure tissue oxygen, laser-Doppler blood flow and temperature simultaneously from the same tissue micro-region. This is achieved by combining counterpart monitors into a ‘stack’ arrangement and the use of our unique, combined, multi-parameter sensors.

The use in this way of a 4-channel OxyLite™ Pro XL and a 4-channel OxyFlo™ Pro XL device enables the collection of multi-parameter physiological data from up to four independent tissue sites at one time, providing unsurpassed data collection and productivity potential.

Please refer to the individual product pages for in-depth key features and benefits. 

Applications in which our OxyLite™ and OxyFlo™ monitors have been employed together for the simultaneous, single-sensor monitoring of tissue oxygen, blood perfusion and temperature include: 

  • Tumour angiogenesis
  • Vital organ vitality during transplantation and shock monitoring
  • Cerebral vitality monitoring during stroke
  • Brain and spinal cord injury models
  • Tissue flap surgery and wound healing  


Intended use statement:
OxyLite™ (Pro) and OxyFlo™ (Pro) monitors are intended for laboratory, industrial and research use and are NOT medical devices.
OxyLite™ (Pro) and OxyFlo™ (Pro) do NOT possess regulatory approval(s) for use in human subjects/patients. 


Made in Britain

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