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The leading colony and spheroid counter for cancer biologists

  • Dedicated colony counter for processing tumour
    colony forming cell assays
  • All-in-one solution for imaging, counting and characterizing colonies
  • Huge throughput advantages
  • Objective, unbiased 'machine' counting
  • Export colony numbers and colony size parameters



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Worldwide ‘Gold Standard’ in mammalian cell Colony and Spheroid Counting and Analysis.

The Colony Forming Assay and colony counting is universally recognized as the gold standard method for measuring the effects of radiation, chemotherapeutic drugs and other agents on mammalian cell viability.

However, manually counting the resulting cell colonies is a thankless and laborious task in which consistent objectivity is difficult to achieve. 

GelCount™ is an easy-to-use, PC software-operated colony counter that automates the detection, counting and analysis of mammalian cell colonies in multi-well plates, Petri dishes and T25 flasks. Colonies can be adherent or non-adherent (in semi-solid 3D matrices such as soft agar or methylcellulose, or free-floating). 

GelCount thereby provides a powerful and cost-effective alternative to the subjective and labour-intensive task of manual colony counting in the gold standard colony forming cell assay, also referred to as the clonogenic assay, the cell survival assay or the tumor cloning assay. 

Summary applications include: 

  • Colony formation assay
  • Clonogenic assay
  • The cell survival assay
  • Tumor cloning assay

 Made in Britain

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