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Hypoxia Incubator:
Authentic hypoxia chamber in a bench-top workstation

  • Compact and portable
  • Regulated using oxygen partial pressure for true hypoxia
  • Mimics the in vivo oxygen state
  • Rapid equilibration and frugal gas consumption
  • HEPA filtration as standard
  • Ergonomic design
  • Intuitive touch-screen operation
  • Optional OxyLite™ add-on for in situ dissolved oxygen measurements
  • Optional miniature digital microscope

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“Working with the HypoxyLab is great. It is reliable, easy to use and requires quite little gas (as compared to larger chambers). Especially the possibility of using pre-defined oxygenation profiles is an important additional benefit. During these profiles the composition of the gas is changed rapidly and the actual gas fractions are well documented continuously. This feature allows interesting hypoxia/re-oxygenation experiments.”

Prof. Oliver Thews, Faculty of Medicine, Martin-Luther-University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

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In the field of tissue culture, there is a rapidly growing need for systems capable of creating precise, reproducible and physiologically relevant cell environments deemed vital for accurate analysis of cellular processes with respect to function and metabolism. 

In order to accurately reproduce physiological conditions in cell-based research, a ‘contamination-free’ workstation offering precise and continuous control of oxygen, carbon dioxide gas, temperature and humidity is required.  Rising to this challenge, Oxford Optronix has developed the HypoxyLab™ - a unique, fully-featured, ergonomically engineered and easy to use hypoxic workstation that provides a highly stabilised HEPA-filtered environment in which levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity are all precisely controlled. 

In short, HypoxyLab™ is a compact hypoxia workstation and incubator for everyday use. 

Made in Britain